“PROEKSP” LLC – your professional partner in the field of construction.

We carry out comprehensive expert examination of the design and estimate documentation of buildings and structures of all categories of complexity in the following directions:

• Ensuring mechanical resistance and sustainability (durability, reliability, longevity of buildings and structures;

• Compliance with the requirements of fire and technogenic safety;

• Ensuring the safety of life and health of a person;

• Protection of the environment;

• Ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population;

• Ensuring safety of operation and labor;

• Noise protection

• Energy savings

• Expert examination of project estimates

Developed market of construction products is the key to proper functioning of not only the industrial sector of the economic complex of the country and the financial market, but also the market of services related to creation and further realization of finished construction products: preparation of the necessary documentation, engineering, security, outstaffing, outsourcing, land services, connecting  newly built objects to the engineering networks, design, real estate, etc.

In modern conditions, the construction industry fulfills not only the above-mentioned economic tasks, but also provides a solution to a number of social issues, since the development of industry itself, including capital construction, is not the objective for the state, but primarily an effective means of solving the problem of satisfying the interests and needs of people, increasing the quality of their living standards.

In general, construction is, arguably, the first and most natural sphere of professional development of people, society.

Creating safe living conditions is clearly the instinctive need of every person.

And the development of new lands always begins with the formation of the transport, communication, and social infrastructure.
Construction – creates new opportunities.

In our time, the construction of residential, industrial and social facilities involves all the latest logistical and technological achievements. Composite materials, polymers, block modules, power installations for transportation, advanced automatic control systems, designers’ creativity – all this is only a rough array of multicolored palette of features of the modern construction industry.

We have brought together the experience of practical builders, specialists with a systematic understanding of the nuances of standard setting in the construction industry.

By cooperating with PROEKSP LLC., our customers have the opportunity to get answers to any questions in this area.

The high professional level of our team of lawyers and engineers allows our company to provide support to our clients in solving complex issues with expert examination, urban planning issues, issues of attracting investors, etc.