The Law of Ukraine No. 1817-VIII “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Improvement of Urban Development” specifies a number of changes to certain legislative acts in the field of urban planning, providing for the replacement of the procedure for registration of the declaration and the introduction of the objects into operation.

Objects of minor class of consequences are based on the notification, but the average and significant classes (multi-apartment house, hospital, school, kindergarten, shopping and entertainment complexes – medium, large residential complexes, office centers, complex industrial facilities – the third class of consequences) – solely on the basis of permission.

At the same time, we draw your attention, that for the objects of the second and third classes of consequences, expert examination is obligatory

“PROEKSP” LLC conducts comprehensive examination of construction projects in order to fully control the project correctness. In this case, the key importance is the experience and qualification of experts.

High-level experts can quickly identify errors and inconsistencies of the construction project with existing building codes and legislation as a whole.

Expertise in construction projects is a huge responsibility. In essence, the operational characteristics of the object, and the reliability of the design, and, of course, the safety of people all depend on the technical solutions laid down at the design stage.

The expertise of the projects is aimed at identifying errors and further refinement of the project-estimate documentation to exclude possible violations during construction.

Our company has engaged the best experts and professionals of their field. Expert examination in construction projects a hard and responsible work. And our specialists, while doing this work, always consider the fact that the signature on the expert opinion is their personal credibility and responsibility.

In the work, we accept construction projects that are properly designed, in accordance with the requirements of the law. An expert agreement shall be concluded. The given package of documents is analyzed by our managers for the absence of violations.

In the home, the following concepts and titles such as “Construction Expertise”, “Building Expertise” ¸ “Project Examination”, “Design Expertise”, “Expertise of Construction Projects”, “Expert Examination of Building Documents”, and others, are often used and mixed.

From the point of view of the interpretation of the normative base and competence of our company, we offer a qualified COMPLEX EXAMINATION OF CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS.

“PROEKSP” LLC conducts both a complex examination of construction projects, as well as separate examinations of the estimated sections of construction projects.

You can review the full list of our services on our internet portal. We have also posted a detailed description of the expertise in different sections:

Providing mechanical resistance and stability

Compliance with fire safety requirements

Ensuring the safety of life and health of people

Protection of the environment

Ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population

Operation and labour safety

Noise protection

Energy saving

Expert examination of project-estimate documentation

Thus, an independent examination of the design documentation is practically an inalienable procedure for assessing the quality of the planned object. It represents a guarantee of the safety of the operation of buildings and structures and their compliance with all the necessary rules and regulations, as prescribed in Ukrainian legislation


“Examination of projects, construction expertise, building expert examination,
design and estimate expertise, examination of estimated documentation,
expert examination of construction projects, complex examination of construction projects”

The Working Group on the Formation of the List of Expert Organizations which meet the Criteria and may carry out an examination of the construction projects, held a meeting in the Ministry of Regional Development on January 22, 2018.
Based on the results of consideration of the submitted documents, “PROEKSP” LLC is included in the List of expert organizations that meet the criteria established by the order of the Ministry of Regional Development from 15.08.2017 № 204, and may conduct expert examination of construction projects.

The relevant information is available on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development. A scan copy of the letter from the Minregion of January 25, 2001 № 7 / 15-859 is placed on the Home Page of our portal.