The company “PROEKSP” LLC was created with the purpose of realization of the accumulated unique experience in the field of work with project and permission documentation in construction.

The main profile of LLC “PROEKSP” is to provide expert examination services in construction. The company conducts an examination of all types and in all fields.

“PROEKSP” carries out its activities with the support of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine

To date, the Academy of Construction of Ukraine is the most authoritative organization in the construction industry

The Academy was founded on June 24, 1993 in Kyiv.

Over 370 societies and organizations, research institutes and educational institutions are the collective members of the ACU.

The ACU  is the successor of the Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the UkrSSR, which existed in 1955-62 and united 14 research institutes and 26 branches.

The ACU consists of more than 1030 active members and correspondent members. Among them, besides Ukrainian scientists, there are representatives of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Azerbaijan, the USA, Germany, Poland, and other countries.

The collective members of the UBA are, in particular, the corporation Ukrbud, Ukrmontazhspetsbud, Ukrbudmaterialy, HС Kyivmiskbud, research and design institutes, other universities of the construction industry.

ABU has prepared more than 15 state building codes for the construction and restoration industries of Ukraine; developed a scientific concept for the creation on an alternative basis of the construction supervision service and defined its functions; conducted research and scientific analysis of projects and, on their basis, prepared expert opinions on the state of the foundations of the Mikhailovsky Golden-Domed Monastery in Kyiv, the Assumption Cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater.


Limited Liability Company “PROEKSP” is included in the list of expert organizations that can conduct expert examination of construction projects of all classes of responsibility (SS1, SS2, SS3) and meet the criteria set by the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

Highly skilled and experienced, with a great practical experience in design and expert examination, certified specialists of the company have the right to carry out the examination of projects for the construction of industrial and non-productive purposes in all sectors of the economy of Ukraine (except for coal and nuclear power engineering) in the following directions:
• Ensuring mechanical resistance and stability;
• Provision of fire and technogenic safety;
• Ensuring the safety of life and health of the person, protecting the environment, ensuring the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population;
• Ensuring the safety of operation: requirements of occupational safety: noise protection;
• Energy saving;
• Project documentation estimates

By 10/06/2017, the expertise of construction projects of IV and V categories of complexity, which are being constructed with attraction of budget funds, funds of state and communal enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as loans provided under state guarantees, is conducted exclusively by the expert organization of state ownership.

An examination of a construction project is an independent analysis, determination of the quality of design solutions by detecting deviations from the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation in the field of construction, construction norms, standards and rules, etc.


04050, Kyiv, Ukraine


Sichovykh Striltsiv street, 77 (former street of Artema)

6th floor, right wing,

E-mail: proeksp.mail@ukr.net

Contact phones:

(044) 223 33 58

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Litvin Andrian Nikolayevich

Lviv, Morshinskaya st. 3, office 75



Our advantages:

• Loyal price policy and terms of examination, which meet the standards established for state-owned expert organizations;

• Possibility of urgent work on examination of project documentation;

• Submission of documentation for examination is accompanied by submission of documents regulated by the legislation;

• Availability and openness of highly skilled experts in providing professional advice;

• Ability to prepare justifications for deviations from generally accepted construction norms;

• Conduct of expert examination on the basis of partnership goodwill and high responsibility.

Each of our experts considers his signature on the draft report as a signature under the fate of many people.


The fact that construction is a complex and multifaceted process, that requires significant material and time costs, is known by all participants in the construction and investment process. Expertise is one of the final and very important stages in the development of construction projects. We propose to go through this stage with us, increasing the project management system to a new level of responsibility, while building relationships on the principles of trust, long-term cooperation, respect and fulfillment of obligations.

We value and respect your point of view, your opinion, and if necessary, we will convince you with our experience and knowledge.

In the near future we will open our representative offices in separate regions of Ukraine and you will be able to cooperate with them on a territorial basis. We are now available to everyone for consulting and professional project examination advice.

We sincerely consider each customer of our services equal among the equal and always strive to meet the requirements and expectations of customers, because we build cooperation on the principles of partnership.

“PROEKSP” LLC is  attested and certified by the  Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine (DOCUMENT)